Iodine 2%-Dropper Bottle

Lugol's Iodine (2%) Solution, 2 fl oz (59 mL) Dropper Bottle

A Topical Solution for Thyroid Health~ & MORE...
Lugols Iodine 2 percent Solution--Naturally support your body’s important hormone-creating thyroid gland with this 2 percent iodine solution. Each vertical drop of this solution supplies approximately 1.25 mg iodine.


Iodine is a naturally occurring trace element that your thyroid requires to create T3 and T4 hormones. These hormones work to support overall health and well-being, in particular in supporting normal development and metabolism. Iodine is also crucial in maintaining the health of your thyroid, helping to keep it at a normal size and functioning normally and happily!

Iodine 2%-Dropper Bottle

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First aid antiseptic. Does not expire, it always stays fresh. As a water purifier add 6 drops per liter of water. No need to refrigerate, but keep out of direct sunlight.

 In Japan the average consumption of iodine is 10-14mg daily. Important information-- Must not be used during pregnancy, while taking medications, for thyroid disorders or allergies. Do not take if you are allergic to iodine. Only recommended for external use. Always seek the advice of a qualified physician or pharmacist. Instructions for use: for external use or as directed by the physician.