Charcoal Tablets FAST LIGHT
  1. KOKO Coconut Shell-Use for Resin Burnings
  2. Charcoal Slow Burning- Less Ash, NO Smoke, Lasting More Than 2 Hours
  3. PRO TIP-Break in half or quarters for quick burns & to last longer!

10 coals


  • These can be used to burn incense, for smudging or used in shisha or hookah pipes.
  • They burn evenly and light easily, and stay lit with a long burn time.


  1. Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and light the edge of the tablet with a match or lighter. The tablet will light and sparkle across its surface and then evenly light.
  2. To burn incense, place inside a safe incense burner and place incense on top of tablet. These tablets will burn for up to an hour.

Smudging Information:

  1. Smudging is a traditional ceremony in which these herbs are burned and the smoke is used for purification and balancing of body, mind, spirit, and environment.
  2. Smudging is a sacred tradition that has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the world. As a tradition, it has been passed on for millennia, and many ways and variations exist. The common thread is that the smoke from sacred herbs can be used for purification and spiritual preparation.


  • We can smudge to clear and ground our intentions and ourselves before and after healing, initiation and ritual.
  • The smoke will help purify our crystals and other sacred objects.
  • We can clear rooms and create sacred space.
  • The herbs can also be burned to give thanks and to aid us in our prayers.

Charcoal Tablets FAST LIGHT

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BURNING & INCENSE has been used to accompany prayers and shamans to worship the Gods & Spirits, purify the air, release negative vibrations, and induce self-awareness and to uplift the emotional state.

The burning of incense features in the practice of most of the world’s religions, past and present, and often proliferated as they did.

  • Memory and smell are heavily intertwined.
  • Certain smells can transport us back in time to a memorable place or event.

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