Quality Copper Tongue Cleaner

Easily Remove plaque, bacteria and food-debris; maintain fresh breath for long duration


  • Made of Pure Copper. Long-Lasting with greater flexibility. Smooth finish
  • Pure copper has anti-microbial qualities, which helps to keep mouth germ free without the use of chemicals and their side-effects.
  • Controls oral disorders by keeping bad breath, bacteria, coats and debris away.
  • Sufficient length enables comfortable tongue cleaning. Wash before and after use.


Note: Seeing as it is Copper, it will tarnish over time.

Quality Copper Tongue Cleaner

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...which is very beneficial for complete oral care. It is advised to include tongue cleaning in any dental care routine. Using a copper tongue cleaner has its own outstanding advantages.

  1. As copper contains abundant ionic properties that keep the bacteria away.
  2. This tongue cleaner is safe and delicate for use on tongue.
  3. Best way to maintain oral hygiene without any chemicals and side-effects.

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