BOLDO HERB (Peumus boldus) ORGANIC
  1. Boldo Is a rich aromatic tree.
  2. It is very known in South America. it has good use as a Natural remedy for many health problems.
  3. Also used for many medicinal and dietary reason from ancient times.
  4. Origin-Chile


Boldo Mainly used in 4 ways:

  • Mot Popular way to consume this herb is making tea with fresh or dried leaves.
  • This tree also can produce essential oil.
  • Many South American cuisine use this herb as a spice
  • It also available as the tincture

Possible side effect of Boldo:

It is a very powerful plant...

  • Don’t use this if you are scheduled for surgery cause it makes blood thin by slowing clot. Which might increase the chance of too much bleeding during and after surgery
  • Don’t use if you already diagnosed with the liver disease.
  • This is not so good for Pregnant or Breastfeeding women.
  • Boldo should not be taken with alcohol
  • Boldo may not be safe for people taking lithium

BOLDO HERB (Peumus boldus) ORGANIC

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Boldo tea is not usually consumed DAILY. However, some sources suggest that consumers dilute boldo tea with yerba mate so that it can be consumed as a daily drink to prevent disease. Yerba mate—sometimes called mate—is an herb that is rumored to aid in weight loss and cancer prevention. AS WITH ANY HERB YOU ARE NEW TO-START SMALL AND DO NOT OVER-USE!

  • Boldo should not be consumed if you are taking any medication that can harm the liver including Tylenol, Diflucan, Zocor, and several others.
  • Boldo should not be taken with medications that can slow blood clotting (Advil, Motrin, warfarin, and others)