BLUE Cohosh Powder

Blue cohosh -- (Caulophyllum thalictroides) is an herb available in dietary supplement form. Long used as medicine in Native American tribes, it's sometimes referred to as a uterine tonic (i.e., a substance that helps improve muscle tone in the uterus).While blue cohosh is used in alternative medicine to enhance women's health, there's also some concern that it may have harmful effects.


Health Benefits--Because blue cohosh is thought to suppress muscle spasms, it's often used in alternative medicine to soothe cramps, such as menstrual cramps and stomach cramps.


Proponents also suggest blue cohosh can help treat the following health issues:

  • Constipation
  • Joint disorders (including rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Menstrual pain Premenstrual syndrome
  • Sore throat
  • ....Additionally, blue cohosh is said to promote menstrual flow, stimulate circulation, increase the flow of urine, and act as a laxative.

BLUE Cohosh Powder


Is it safe?
Large, long-term studies have not yet been done to confirm whether long-term use of black cohosh is safe. Because black cohosh has benefits somewhat like estrogen therapy, it may also have some risks like those of estrogen.


Experts do not know for sure if black cohosh causes liver problems. But they have determined that black cohosh products should be labelled with a statement of caution. Stop using black cohosh if you notice that you are weak or more tired than usual, you lose your appetite, or your skin or the whites of your eyes are yellowing. Call your doctor because these symptoms may mean you have liver damage.

If you plan to take black cohosh, talk to your doctor about how to take it safely. You may be able to take it short-term (no more than 6 months), or possibly longer but with regular checkups to look for estrogen-related changes in the uterus and breasts.


Estrogen may increase the risk of cancer in women who have a history of uterine cancer or breast cancer or who are at high risk for breast cancer. Since black cohosh may work in ways similar to estrogen, these high-risk women should avoid using black cohosh until more is known about the long-term risks.


As with any medicine, be careful to avoid overdosing with black cohosh. Symptoms of overdose include vertigo, headache, nausea, vomiting, impaired vision, and impaired circulation.


What to avoid
Black cohosh should not be used during pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding. Do not take black cohosh if there is any chance that you might be pregnant.

Black cohosh should not be combined with birth control pills, hormone therapy, or tamoxifen.

It should not be used by women who are allergic to aspirin.


***And as always please do your own research :)

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