WHY, Burn Incense?? Here are just a few reasons...

  1. Spiritually Purifying
  2. Smudging
  3. Cleansing 
  4. Releasing Negative Ions
  5. Improves Mood, Sleep, Cognition, Memory, Focus

  6. Reduces Stress

  7. Uplifts

  8. Boosts Energy


These are resins--botanicals that are📿mentioned & talked of in the Bible--Used as perfume, potpourri, or as a resin incense to🔥burn, our HIGHEST quality (hense the pricing) INCENSE RESINS are very fragrant with scents that fills the senses. ALL ARE ETHICALLY HARVESTED.


  • All come in cute Heart or Candy Wrapper Shaped Mini Cases


1. Amber (Pinus succinifera) from Russia was considered an important healing remedy against mental illness, fever, stomach problems, throat infections, rheumatism and much more by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The Egyptians called amber the "sun stone" and believed it connected them to the sun god, creating an atmosphere of renewal and alertness.

  • In ancient Greece, amber was called "electron", the root of the word "electricity."
  • When rubbed, this resin becomes electrostatic.


2. Galbanum Resin (Ferula galbaniflua) - Turkey-A Rare Biblical fragrance material that has long been valued for its wonderfully complex green, spicy, woody, balsam-like fragrance. It is gathered in the summer season by collecting the resin from the bulb, root and lower stem of the plant. According to Greek scholars galbanum originates in Syria, but has been used throughout the ages by the Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures as part of their incense ceremonies as well as medicinal practices. With the consistency of soft taffy, galbanum is used in many incense mixtures, including “God’s Smile”, the incense blend which is based on the recipe in the Book of Exodus. It also provides the “green” note in many perfumes. Galbanum was used as a Biblical Altar oil by Moses.

  • Super pungent and ready for your lotions, potions, or incense creations.


3. Frankincense Neglecta, Samburu Tribe Kenya. A fair-trade and sustainable-The Samburu women collect both a light and a dark B. Neglecta incense. In Scandinavia, this resin is used in traditional salves for slow healing wounds, diabetic ulcers and post-surgical wounds.


4. Angola Copal-Copaifera demeusii-Gold Copal- this resin is aqquired by supporting impoverished rural Angolan communities. Paying the communities a fair price to sustainably collect their traditional aromatic medicinal resins.


5. Yemeni Myrrh-RARE!-Premium- Fresh Myrrh oleoresin. Commiphora Myrrha from Yemen. For perfume, Medicine and Incense. This resin is rare in its quality and difficult to come by given the conflicts in Yemen. As one of the many precious commodities in the ancient worlds, this aromatic oleoresin still keeps its value as a component in perfumes and incense, while medicinally, it is unsurpassed as a “heal-all” for oral care.

  • You can DIY an oral wash for sore or irritated gums, place a half teaspoon of Myrrh, ground in a cup, add boiling water and let sit till cool. It can then be swished in the mouth, or gargled repeatedly during the day. A quarter teaspoon of sea salt can be added to this mix as well.


6. Benzoin Powder- has a sweet, balsam-like fragrance resembling vanilla. It does not have a very pleasing aroma by itself, but when mixed with other ingredients, it develops into a wonderful aromatic experience. Benzoin has been long used as an incense ingredient by many civilizations, known in Europe during the middle ages as "Friar's Balsam." Since antiquity, styrax resin has been used in perfumes, some kinds of incense, and medicines.


7. Sandalwood Powder-Sandalwood has been treasured as an incense ingredient for at least 4000 years. The aroma of sandalwood creates a relaxing and harmonizing atmosphere of calm. Sandalwood is utilized often for meditation, and is the base for many types of incense.


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The symbolic meaning of the burning of incense ✝ will differ from culture to culture and even from religion to religion most times.

The basic idea is generally the same, but the purpose and intent will be different depending on who is using it and why they’re using it.

Any use of incense is a very PERSONAL rite, I use for calm & grounding and also sometimes for Energy and MOTIVATION!

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