BACH FLOWER WATER VIOLET (Hottonia palustris)


Activate the essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing)


Water the remedy for those talented, capable people whose independence and self-reliance can make them seem proud and disdainful.


  • True Water Violet people tend to be upright, quiet and dignified. They prefer their own company or that of a few close friends.


We need the remedy when our natural reserve has built a barrier between us and others, leaving us lonely and unable to make contact with those around. Water Violet helps bring us back into balance so that we can be more involved with humanity.


Situations Bach Flower Essence Water Violet can help with:
Archetypal Water Violet people are bright, independent, quiet individuals. They are often admired by others for their dignified and upright nature. Although independent and capable, there is the threat of loneliness. This vulnerability is often the price paid by many for such great independence. But no one can exist in complete isolation. Problems tend to occur with other people due to misunderstandings. Water violet people find it hard to hide distain for things they consider to be pointless.


The opinions of others mean very little to Water Violet people as they like to do things in their own special way. Water violet aloofness is sometimes mistaken by others as cold disinterest. Loved ones may feel that this person does not care enough about their thoughts and feelings. THIS Bach Flower Essence acts to dissolve the barrier we build around ourselves and helps us to become more involved with other people around us.


Dr Bach's description

  • For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move about without noise, speak little, and then gently. Very independent, capable and self-reliant.
  • Almost free of the opinions of others. They are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented. Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them.


- The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies


How should flower essences be taken?

For chronic problems, flower essences should be taken 4 times per day - including upon awakening and at bedtime. You need only 4 drops under the tongue each time.

For immediate effect in crisis situations, take 4 drops as needed, but not less than 8 drops per day. Alternatively, you can add 6 drops to a cup of mineral water and sip throughout the day.


How to take multiple remedies: You can combine up to 7 remedies to make your personal blend. Fill a clean 30 mL dropper bottle 3/4 full with spring water. Add 2 drops of each remedy to the water. Take 4 drops of your blend a minimum of 4 times a day.

Babies ( consult your Doctor) and pets can be treated by placing the drops in water as above.
Flower Essences should be taken on an empty stomach - at least 30-60 minutes before or after eating. Therefore , it is not advisable to add the drops to food.

· A Homeopathic Remedy
· Contains 27% Alcohol

BACH FLOWER WATER VIOLET (Hottonia palustris)

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Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Please consult your health care provider if currently under care or treatment. Do not exceed recommended serving. See product packaging for additional safety information.