Antheia Blend- Prebiotic-Baobab +White Kratom

If you are looking to get rid of a few pounds and do the healthy way..try this blend!


Top 6 Benefits of Baobab Fruit and Powder

  • Rich in Many Important Vitamins and Minerals. ...
  • May Aid Weight Loss by Promoting Feelings of Fullness. ...
  • May Help Balance Blood Sugar Levels. ...
  • A good source of vitamin C
  • Antioxidant and Polyphenol Content May Reduce Inflammation. ...
  • High Fiber Content May Promote Digestive Health. ..


Paired together with white Sumatra Kratom--Excellent choice in your quest for a healthier body weight!

Antheia Blend- Prebiotic-Baobab +White Kratom

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With its velvet skin, the baobab feels like a coconut in the flush of youth - minus the long hairs. ... But baobab - pronounced bay-oh-bab -  is made It looks like dark honey. The taste is tart - akin to lemon curd - with a hint of coffee!

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