ALBERTA SWEETGRASS BRAIDS~Attract Positive and Bountiful Energy

Sweetgrass Braids (Hierochloe Odorata) are a wonderful plant to use when honoring spirits and ancestors.

Attract Positive and Bountiful Energy!

Sweetgrass braids are known to attract positive energy. The practice of smudging, or burning this sacred herb is more popular than the alternative of hanging the braids, but both ways work very well.


  • It smells beautiful, the aroma is something you will bask in, itshould only be used sparingly.
  • USE as an offering to Mother Earth in thanks for this wonderous planet!
  • It invites in good energy, helps clear negative energy, and offers spiritual protection. 


It's customary to burn either sage or cedar first – both if you prefer – to expel negative energy, or instil protection before you do a positive attraction.

  1. This helps to get rid of any resistance that may be around.
  2. Many simply do the sweet grass smudge as they believe the smoke will purify the negative as it attracts the positive.
  3. There may be times that heavy negativity is around and adding in a cleansing will work better.
  4. The best way to find what works for you is to try it both ways.

ALBERTA SWEETGRASS BRAIDS~Attract Positive and Bountiful Energy

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Use the MINI sweetgrass braid to take with you in your travel alter:)

The braid can be used again & again, or you can bury it by breaking it into four pieces and burying each piece at the four corners of your property, north, south, east and west.

This will continue to bring good positive energies to you.

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