Black🐜Ant Extract Powder ~ 20:1 (Polyrhachis vicina)

What Is Black Ant?

(1/4 to one tsp serving size a day-is all that's needed)!

(Ratio: 20:1)

  1. Polyrhachis Ant Extract is an ant that has been regarded as a potent natural remedy with a high nutritional value in Chinese 🔬medicine.  Ancient men believed it to be a “Forever Young” food due to its anti-aging and energy boosting properties. It is consumed in most Asian countries because of its reputation for nourishing the blood and increasing vitality.
  2. Black ant extract powder... is a unique adaptogenic superfood that is a quick-acting rejuvenative tonic that has a broad and profound range of health benefits; black ant is a highly nutritive food that strengthens adrenals, maintains calm nerves, promotes physical strength, enhances stress-resistance, promotes sexuality and fortifies immunity.*
  3. Black Ant Extract Stimulates Detoxification....The Black Ant extract benefits also include its detoxification properties. It stimulates the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body thus cleansing the blood. This results in an improved working of the entire body just like a well-oiled machine.
  4. It helps the body to function efficiently and support you during your sexual performance- thats what you need :)
  5. Produces An Anti-aging Effect...Black Ant extract is a great anti-aging agent. It can slow down signs of aging and help you live a long and healthy life without the age-related problems.
  6. Boosts Your Immune System...The Black Ant extract benefits the people who suffer from a weak immune system. An improperly functioning immune system can wreak havoc on your life...Blank Ant can help.


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The information herein is NOT a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any of our products.

Black🐜Ant Extract Powder ~ 20:1 (Polyrhachis vicina)

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Black Ant was called “The Herb of Kings” because only the kings in the ancient times had access to the extracts of this insect to help them stay energetic with a higher stamina while on the battlefield.

It was believed to help the warriors to fight against their rival kingdom with greater energy levels without making them feel fatigued thus increasing their chances of victory.