THE GHOST~Aceh White MitraSpec

Aceh is an awesome place for growing The majestic herb known as kratom. It being a massive fertile rain forest, trees can approach 100 years old!

Because it’s VERY secluded & doesn’t see millions of visitors, Aceh can still boast amazing indigenous flora without the devastation of too many humans!


  1. This strain is sourced from old white vein trees in Aceh. LIMITED SUPPLY
  2. From fully matured leaves that have long enjoyed plenty of MOTHER NATURE'S nutrients in the soil, during their growth period.
  3. NOT the regular white you may be used to!!


  • Reg.Grind.
  • Very Strong.
  • High Grade.
  • Deep Color.


What People Say:

The White of Aceh is said to be called a muscle stimulator with mood enhancer... its effect on muscles is incredibly comforting....with the added bonus of getting rid of nervous tension or anxiety. 


While its delivering those sought after "euphoric" feelings by releasing serotonin in the body, it can also assist the sarcolemma to RELAX!-(sarcolemma is a kind of sheath around your muscle fibers).

So primarily... contributing to the RE-LEAF of pain & muscular cramps in people, with the added benefit of reducing that nervous feeling!


And remember, it's a WHITE, so there's  some energy---but too much.

THE GHOST~Aceh White MitraSpec

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....Aceh White Vein Kratom powder

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