HORNET KOKO Coconut Shell-Use for Resin Burnings
 Charcoal Slow Burning- Less Ash, Smoke, Lasting More Than 1.5 Hours "

1 Roll of tablets-6


These can be used to burn incense, for smudging or used in shisha or hookah pipes. They burn evenly and light easily, and stay lit with a long burn time.


Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and light the edge of the tablet with a match or lighter. The tablet will light and sparkle across its surface and then evenly light.

To burn incense, place inside a safe incense burner and place incense on top of tablet. These tablets will burn for up to an hour.

Smudging Information:

Smudging is a traditional ceremony in which these herbs are burned and the smoke is used for purification and balancing of body, mind, spirit, and environment.

Smudging is a sacred tradition that has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the world. As a tradition, it has been passed on for millennia, and many ways and variations exist. The common thread is that the smoke from sacred herbs can be used for purification and spiritual preparation.


We can smudge to clear and ground our intentions and ourselves before and after healing, initiation and ritual. The smoke will help purify our crystals and other sacred objects. We can clear rooms and create sacred space. The herbs can also be burned to give thanks and to aid us in our prayers.


It has been used to accompany prayers and shamans to worship the Gods & Spirits, purify the air, release negative vibrations, and induce self-awareness and to uplift the emotional state. The burning of incense features in the practice of most of the world’s religions, past and present, and often proliferated as they did. Memory and smell are heavily intertwined. Certain smells can transport us back in time to a memorable place or event.

38 mm Charcoal Tablets-1 roll

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