Turmeric and Kratom

Using Turmeric with Kratom

From a Client.....

"I just took Turmeric an hour ago, and kratom half an hour ago. WOW.

Must I say, I took two grams... And it really feels like a took more. My body feels euphoric and I'm much more relaxed then I was..... I feel damn good.

My body feels like it's buzzing with good vibes... I'm in a great mood. Not in a great mood like hyped and all, but more like I just want to chill in a warm blanket just out of the dryer and sit by a fire feel good. LOL.

Time to test more potentiators. I take kratom every day for work and will likely start using them for my daily routine. Most likely to use less kratom."

I personally can attest to tumeric's value alone AND using with Kratom!!
TIP: Turmeric's effects are more pronounced when you use Black Pepper with it.... soo try all 3 together!!
From a Another Client---TIP: Also using Black seed oil works the best for me. I mix it in with my kratom when I take it and can tell a pretty big difference.

Try it and SEE!!


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