Taking a KRATOM Tolerance-Break

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Kratom Washouts--How To Combat Tolerance

YOU may be asking....what happens when your kratom tolerance

goes up what can you do to rectify the problems of consistent use?

The best ADVISE to cure Kratom tolerance is abstinence. By taking a break from Kratom use, your body will be able to fully clean itself from excess Kratom and then reset. Regarding as to how long the break will be is entirely up to you. If you feel that your body has fully recovered and that any side effects are now gone, you may resume using Kratom.

However, it is important to look back on what happened, find the cause and then make an adjustment. This time practice a more responsible use of Kratom and remember to apply the rules previously discussed in other posts on this blog :).

Kratom, in its basic form, is safe, non-addictive and not habit-forming as long as you stay responsible and be conscious about your body’s reactions.

Kratom can be a very useful tool in your life. Some rely on it for big reasons like pain, anxiety, depression or freeing themselves from their addictive opioid medication. While others may just use it sporadically for something to just enjoy or for motivation. The best part is it's much safer than actual opioids, and any significant dependence shouldn't relate in comparison. However, there are those who greatly count on kratom, and taking several doses or so per day could result in dependence.

Some say the withdrawals can be minimal (similar to caffeine) while others say there can be some anxiety and agitation. Fortunately, there are 'Wash Outs' which helps to greatly reduce or eliminate any negative effects. If you're just looking to lower tolerance, sometimes switching to a new set of strains can help make a difference.

The reasons for washouts are to:

- Lower your tolerance (if you're taking it daily, you may find overtime you need more and more for the same effect)

- Take a break- Recently I had to take a break for a surgery I had to undergo, so I used a washout period to go without kratom for two months

- Stop altogether- May no longer need it for pain, getting off of opioid, or just in general


If you find kratom doesn't have the same effect as it use to, it's likely your tolerance has built up from a number of different reasons. The most common reasons are failing to properly use kratom, taking too much, or using extracts. To refresh your here's the basics for proper use:

- Alternate different types of kratom each day

- Keeping it to only 1 strain a day

- Have a fairly empty stomach when burning

- Staying hydrated


A washout is a method to make taking breaks from kratom (or stopping altogether) easier. Below are 2 options for the type of washout:

Option 1: Taper

+ Reduces withdrawals to basically none

+ If you need kratom for back pain, taking the small amount should still help

- You can go at your own pace but it can take longer

Option 2: Stop all at once

+ this can be good as it speeds up the process

- bad since any possible withdrawals will be more significant

Washout Tools

Stem & Vein

Stem & Vein is still kratom, but it's actually just the stems and veins of the plant. This means the alkaloids in it are a bit different than the normal regular leaf. Although there is some cross tolerance, the usual receptors kratom reacts on takes a bit of a break. After just taking it for a week straight (effects aren't as good, but still decent), you should notice a difference. The biggest obstacle with S&V is that a quality version is hard to find (some even produce anxiety).

Kava Kava

The Kava plant (a member of the pepper family) is a tropical shrub found mainly in the South Pacific (not far off from where kratom grows- the land of magical plants). The effects are relaxing, mood boosting and just great to unwind with. Although it only lasts around an hour, there's virtually no side effects and it's surprisingly powerful. It's important to note that it doesn't have any direct benefit in regards to lowering tolerance, but rather offers as an alternative as something to enjoy in a similar manner to how you would with kratom.

African peach for pain and Ashwanghanda or Rhodiola for Anxiety are also excellent choices when taking BREAK from the beloved Kratom Plant!

Please Commit..this is from a client....

After taking kratom for 5+ years, I never experienced any significantly negative withdrawals, just felt a bit "off" with slight anxiety. Although it wasn't a big issue for me, I know there's a fair amount of people who say the withdrawals can really suck. Whether they're painless or tough, always remember to prepare before you start.

I hope everyone can enjoy kratom as much as I have. Personally, the positives have completely outweighed any negatives it brings in my life. The relief from back/leg pain, increased motivation when I need it, and a compelling mood booster have all been a huge help. If this plant isn't for you, I wish you the best for a smooth painless washout. If anyone has questions or needs help with the process, feel free to contact me at anytime. albertabotanicals@gmail.com

FROM a client---I take kratom every day for pain. . .For the first 5 or 6 months I'd take a one day t-break a week and it worked fine, I didn't feel anything other than lack of pain management. Then, the past few months, my pain has been so high, I simply could not take a break. So, what I do is cut my last night dose (I take it 3 times a day) and by the next morning, my tolerance is much better.

Doing this allowed me to drop my dose back down. . . So it is manageable. . . If you're taking it for pain, (it's something you need to use every day 2 or 3 times a day) I highly recommend you manage your tolerance, don't let your doses keep going up, etc. . .

Personally, I like it better than pills. . . At the end of the day, for me, it works better. It manages my pain without leaving me super tired . . . If it DOES make me tired that means I took too much and I back down my dose the next time.

That's always my hint, if it makes me tired or a little nauseous, that means I took too much, so I take less the next time.

I'd recommend getting a scale if you haven't already. . . so that you can closely monitor your dosages, make sure you're taking as little as possible without unnecessarily taking too much and upping your tolerance. Although, remember, you can always bring it back down. . .I just dropped mine by 1/4th without any discomfort.

POINT being YOU will need to take a T-Break every few months, as with ANYTHING you will grow a tolerance with kratom, so you will need to take a break from it.
NOTE: You should never also use opiates and Kratom at the same time. Opiates are known to be habit-forming, which, in turn will build tolerance over time. If Kratom is used along with those, it should not be a surprise if your body will also develop tolerance to it also.
Kratom tolerance is nothing but a tiny bump in what otherwise should be a smooth sail of experiencing Kratom’s natural benefits. This bump can easily be fixed by being a more responsible and mindful user. A bit of prudence will not hurt also :)


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