PLEASE TRY-Kratom Potentiators play a critical role in enhancing the effectiveness of this plant

Ok, I always let new and old Clients of mine, know my ..


But most of the time, people don't follow through with these or even try!

If you are an old hat to kratom, then you know the magnificent benefits associated with its use. When you continue using it more, that is when you will see the need to boost its strength. This happens when you build a strong tolerance for the herb... (Please take tolerance breaks)

I write this post, because just this week I've had 3 customers say to me..

WOW, today, I drank some GRAPEFRUIT Juice with my Kratom and YOU were right!!

The effects last longer and are more intense!

UNlike Big Pharma....No Side Effects

When you use natural potentiator's to give your kratom more power, you do not have to worry about side effects. Natural potentiators, like below.. are considered the best for your body and mind.

There are Many different reliable ways to ELEVATE the power of Kratom.

So, if you want to get the BEST out of Your Kratom..please follow these tried and true tips..

1. Drink a Citrus Juice with any dose you take --Orange or Grapefruit, also you can juice lemons/limes to drink with your Kratom-Add all to a glass if you'd like, stir well, have at er!! GRAPEFRUIT is one of the MOST effective kratom potentiators that is NOT known to many people. It is one of those juices that you should make part of your life as many health benefits are associated with it. Apart from the fact that it potentiates kratom and its effects, it is known to enhance metabolism.

Grapefruit enhances the delay of kratom in your body and therefore, ensuring that you can get maximum benefits from it. There are two options for using grapefruit juice to potentiate kratom’s effects. You can either mix into the kratom or use the juice to toss down the kratom powder...OR BETTER YET ADD THE JUICE AND LEMONS/LIMES

(a bit of honey) all together and make a KRATOM ICED Tea and keep in the fridge.

2. First thing in the A.M, take 1 tbls of Oil---Black seed oil, MCT oil...grape seed/olive oil or any oil you have on hand (NO vegetable oils, please)

3. Also, daily- take 1tps of Turmeric and Black Pepper (mixed together)

Very simple tips that will potentiate your Kratom experience to the MAX!

Start Low and Go Slow....Please post your experiences here when you try and of my tips... for a couple days :)

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MORE to Experiment with...

The potentiators mentioned above are some of the best (in my opinion) that you can opt for. This however, does not mean that they are the only ones. ...

There are other significant potentiators such as Green tea,Cat’s claw, Magnesium,Chamomile, Cayenne Pepper and Valerian Root

If you find it hard to utilize any of my 3 can always Experiment to find another option. It is all about being in the know and what works BEST for you!

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