Plants with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Just a short & sweet post today on PAIN & the Plants that will HELP.

When you go to the doctor about your pain, ( FYI-all pain comes from something in your body being INFLAMED), you will probably be prescribed pills. Pills with the ability to reduce inflammation in your body, BUT without the ABILITY to act directly on the CAUSE of the inflammation.

Do you see? The pills will help "temporarily' to reduce your pain, but nothing is done about the CAUSE OF YOUR PAIN!

So the inflammation is just suppressed and calls for the "need" of MORE pills. MORE PILLS IS NEVER GOOD.

NOW, ON THE OTHER HAND....ALL NATURAL Herbal anti-inflammatories do not simply inhibit inflammation, THEY actually nourish and support the body in its attempt to deal with the problem.

PLANTS in this category include:

  • Birch

  • Black Cohosh

  • Black Haw

  • Bogbean

  • Buplerum

  • Chamomile

  • Chicory

  • Cranberry

  • Devil's Claw

  • Elder Flowers

  • Eucalyptus

  • Fennel

  • Feverfew

  • Ginger

  • Licorice

  • Marshmallow

  • Meadowsweet

  • Papaya

  • Passion Flower

  • Peppermint

  • Pine Tree Bark

  • Rhubarb

  • Rosemary

  • Safflower

  • Slippery Elm

  • Turmeric

  • Wild Yam

  • Willow

  • Witch Hazel

So next time, try one or a combo of the herbs above instead of reaching for those pills!
Your body will glad you did!

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