What is Ormus?

“God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.” -Arthur Young

Ormus: A group of beneficial and essential natural mineral nutrients which support health, vitality, healing and a sense of well being.

Many also think it improves the connection to our Spirit Origin.

ALBERTA ORMUS is extracted from different organic sea salts, soil, plant material and other specially chosen naturally occurring substances. Ormus may be ingested or applied topically and is also useful for plants and animals. Ormus is thousands of years old dating back to the ancient Egyptians and it is now being newly re-discovered.

Ormus.... A group of essential minerals previously unknown to modern science.

What kind of minerals? Elemental minerals including gold, silver and platinum - but they are in a different form; and in this other form, they are not toxic.

  • We are discovering they are very common in plants, animals, air, soil and water.

  • Why were they unknown? Because they did not show up in common scientific tests.

  • It appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It can be derived from natural seasalt, sea water and other salty substances thru ancient but newly re-discovered alchemy processes.

  • It supports health, healing and enhances a sense of well being.

How is it beneficial?

  1. It doubles plant growth,

  2. increases animal endurance,

  3. promotes brain coherence,

  4. supports health and

  5. possibly improves connection to the psyche in people.

Most report they feel better & SEE with more clarity, when they use Ormus.

Again--This knowledge is thousands of years old and ONLY now is being


Did you know--Minerals (and vitamins) are considered essential nutrients—because acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body?:

  • They help shore up bones,

  • heal wounds,

  • bolster the immune system,

  • convert food into energy and

  • repair cellular damage.

It is vital to understand that each gland in the body requires mineral(s) to Run each of the body’s functions by way of hormones they secrete and/or act upon. The glands must have minerals to perform their function. Life WILL continue without plentiful minerals, in their elemental form, but it does so at a cost to...

FYI-Major glands in the body:

hypothalamus pituitary thyroid parathyroids adrenals pineal reproductive glands (include the ovaries and testes) pancreas.

Regarding vitamins: “In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function.

...do you see?

FYI: Minerals in Ormus are in the form of ions.

So, we all know that It goes without much ado that our foods TODAY are drastically low on minerals:

  • Soil is drastically overworked

  • MANY chemicals, for example glyphosate, are added

  • And whats done to the animals we eat-don't get me started :(

The truth is, that when Ormus Supplementation begins in plant, animal and human.... A SHIFT at the cellular level has been made that supports pure vitality, clarity, brain health and much much more, when...

YOU know the full scope of ORMUS' POWER.

Quite literally connecting you to your best possible self, in every respect
Changing your Trajectory✨
You WILL see a different PATH

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