Cordyceps Mushroom:

  • One of the many benefits of Cordyceps is the fact that it dilates the lung’s airways, providing more oxygen to the blood.

  • Every cell is enriched by this process, enhancing energy levels and causing the body’s cells to work better.

  • It has been shown to improve the functioning of the respiratory system and is beneficial for people suffering from cough, asthma and bronchitis due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it’s action of relaxing the bronchial walls.

  • It has been used in the past to strengthen the immune system by increasing the amount of the body’s natural killer cells. These defend the body against bacteria and viruses. It benefits the entire vascular system by regulating blood pressure, strengthening the muscles of the heart and improving circulation.

  • It protects the kidney and liver by improving blood flow to these two organs and others. This helps them to better defend against diseases such as Hepatitis.

  • This herb is very popular with athletes as it can help build muscle and improve performance. The Chinese Olympic athletes are known to consume it while training and competing. It is said to noticeably increase the physical strength and stamina of anyone who consumes it.

  • Since this herb contains powerful antioxidants, it is often taken for it’s anti-aging properties. It also has sedative properties and can help promote deeper sleep.

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MORE ON....Cordyceps Mushroom:

  • Promotes anti-aging

  • Lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and raise good (HDL) cholesterol level

  • As a general wellbeing tonic

  • Increase athletic performance

  • Increase strength and stamina

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Protect the liver and kidneys

  • Treat Hepatitis

  • Enhance the working of the immune system

  • Treat respiratory problems

  • Dilate the lung’s airways providing increased oxygen to the blood

  • Enhance energy levels

  • Treat asthma, bronchitis and cough

  • Increase the body’s natural killer cells

  • Regulate blood pressure

  • Help build lean muscle

  • As a powerful antioxidant

  • Help promote deeper sleep

  • Sedative action

  • Treat fatigue and weakness

  • As an aphrodisiac

  • treat erectile dysfunction and impotence

  • Increase fertility

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Treat shortness of breath

Reishi Mushroom:

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Treat high blood pressure

  • Treat hepatitis

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Treat anxiety

  • Treat bronchitis and asthma

  • Treat insomnia

  • Remove toxic matter from the body

  • Help calm the mind

  • Prevent and treat cancer

  • Treat cardiovascular disease

  • Protect against heart disease

  • Protect against infectious disease

  • Offer relief as a powerful antihistamine

  • Treat arthritis

  • Improve memory, concentration and focus

Lion’s Mane Mushroom:

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Treat anxiety

  • Treat depression

  • Treat high cholesterol

  • Stimulate synthesis of (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor

  • Treat cancer

  • For antioxidant effect

  • Treat arthritis

  • Regulate blood pressure

  • Treat inflammation

  • Treat dementia

  • increase intelligence

  • Improve reflexes

  • Fight infections

  • Promote longevity

  • Treat Parkinson’s disease

  • Rejuvenate nerve growth

  • Promote a healthy digestive system

  • Regulate blood sugar levels

  • Treat Alzheimer’s disease

  • Eliminate toxins in the body

  • Treat ulcers

  • Treat arthritis

  • Improve memory

  • Protect nervous system

And then my FAVORITE....The CHAGA Mushroom...

Research has shown cancer cell division to be decreased by some of the active

compounds of the Chaga Mushroom.

Other researchers have found chaga extract to be potently anti-viral.  Two studies in 1996 found it to have an inhibitory effect on both influenza and HIV. Perhaps it does so by helping to stimulate the body's natural immune functions, something that was first confirmed in 2002 and then again in 2005, and which may also help explain the historical use of chaga mushroom as an anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore, grain ethanol extracts of chaga mushroom (like Immortals 4 Elixir) have been found to lower blood sugar levels. Chaga also demonstrates significant antioxidant properties that help protect the genetic integrity of the cells.



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