Maybe Time For a DETOX?

Our body is a machine for living.

If your BODY is unwell, it can weigh on you emotionally and mentally. If your mind is weary, it can mirror that weariness in the body and emotions. And if you are emotionally frazzled, your body can become ill and your mind less sharp.

God gave us these bodies, minds, and emotions, and we should honor them as the gift they are.
With strong tools, we can better carry out the will of Goodness in our lives and the world.

I like to send out a post on DETOXING every few months, just to REMIND you..

that YOUR Body is a temple & when you care for STRENGTHENS YOUR Mind.

....and nourishing BOTH, especially in times of uncertainty, can really be healing for your soul.

As you already know, keeping your overall health and wellness in check is really important....NO, "NOT REALLY' it's of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!

So, if it's your 1st time DETOXING---KNOW that it's a great action to perform, to keep the Temple of Your Body & Mind, then in turn.... Your Soul ~ in PEAK PERFORMANCE!

It's not only what you put into your body, that you need a detox for, it's ENVIRONMENTAL also....OUTSIDE--All the pollution..EMF RADIATION...from cell towers, etc. & INSIDE your home...your computer, your T.V, Wi-Fi Devices, Wiring/Radiant Electrical. ET. And Unless you live in an EMF-free zone, you’re probably exposed to your neighbor’s EMF. Then there's the BIGGY--your CELL Phone, that you keep beside your BODY 24/7 & I'll hazzard a guess that 99.9999% of you...actually SLEEP with your CELL PHONE BY YOUR HEAD?....YES? YES!

You should NOT be sleeping in a room, with your cell, or anything electrical I know this is hard to do....but every little bit would help your BODY..& as I do..I wear a Shungite necklace and have SHUNGITE stones all around my house...specifically beside the T.V, Phone,Bed, Computer & Wi-Fi Router!

Ok...enough on that, now on to DETOXING from what you put into your body..

If you are NEW? Try for ONE WEEK-Don't be worried....if you utilize say...Kratom for....PAIN-ANXIETY-ENERGY, there are OTHER MEDICINAL PLANTS, you can swap out :) But I'd prefer you went cold turkey, as they say.

  1. OIL PULLING-Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene (oral problems can and do leak into the brain). I have a small container filled with coconut oil and tumeric-& every few days, I'll do some "oil pulling"..easy peasy! I like to do for longer than most, so usually when I'm in the tub, relaxing, I swish for about 10-15 minutes, Squishing the oil through my teeth. DO NOT Swallow-Spit out when done-Then Brush teeth.

  2. I harp on you guys about TUMERIC & BLACK PEPPER (using them together), everyday...& you would not stop this while detoxing, use more actually. The main active ingredient in Tumeric is... Curcumin, the main reason why people from all walks of life use turmeric is to help naturally reduce pain and inflammation, and adding the black pepper with it, makes it more powerful, they work in SYNERGY TOGETHER. Use an organic tumeric powder, grind the black pepper in. (keep in a container, somewhere handy)... & take 1 tsp to a 1 tbls a couple times a day.

  3. SALT GARGLE-The gargle has certain medicinal values that help maintain oral health. It may also help heal canker sores, treat dry cough, relieve toothache and nasal congestion, and clear mucus. This age-old remedy is recommended by dentists to alleviate throat pain and inflammation. The Salt water gargle may help reduce upper respiratory tract infections, like flu, common cold, and strep throat..but HERBALISTS like myself recommend it, to clear and clean out any residual "powders" that get caught in the throat and stop it from getting into your lungs! So...use a good salt, like Dead Sea Salt or Himylayan & add to your daily routine, more so with this DETOX.

  4. ACV-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- To Cleanse Your Liver...Your Liver functions as a filtering organ to eliminate harmful toxins and substances and regulates the chemical levels in the blood.  It also stores essential vitamins, minerals and iron. With factors like changes in lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, poor and unhealthy eating habits, along with pollution, cause a lot of stress to the liver and hinder with its proper functioning. VERY simple---add a bit of lemon juice to a 1/3 of a glass of ACV, swig down or drink through out the day...everyday. GREAT FOR THE LIVER & FLUSHES OUT THOSE TOXINS!

According to studies, gargling with warm salt water 3 times per day is an easy and cost-effective way to decrease your risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection by 40%.

Along with doing the above for the week, try and eat right,try smoothies... drink lots of water & HERBAL TEAS & stay away from processed ANYTHING!

Come back and tell us how ya did!! Any questions...message me anytime :)

NOW ~ If you feel you would have a REALLY rough time, staying away from kratom, HERE ARE SOME SWAP use "sparingly"

  • If you Utilize a Red Strain for PAIN-

INSTEAD USE: click on each to find out more

CAT'S CLAW ~ Powder (Uncaria tomentosa)

SKULLCAP ~ Organic Herbal Extract

Kava Kava Vanuatu Gold-Powder


  • If you Utilize a White Strain for ENERGY-

INSTEAD USE: click on each to find out more




MSM Powder Sulphur (Methylsulfonylmethane)


  • If you Utilize a Green Strain for MOOD-

INSTEAD USE: click on each to find out more

Cacao Powder 25x Xtract ~ (Theobroma cacao)

Tribulus Terrestris (Whole Dried) ~ Gokshura

MUCUNA PRURIENS POWDER ~ Organic (the velvet bean)

Bacopa Tincture

These are just suggestions, ONLY if your PAIN or ANXIETY is VERY high....but I can not stress enough....

HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO DETOX REGULARILY...Again, please message anytime with any concerns :)


A study conducted on 338 Hajj pilgrims found that salt water gargle helped reduce the incidence of respiratory tract infections-

Antimicrobial activity of apple cider vinegar against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans; downregulating cytokine and microbial protein expression

Dietary Curcumin: Correlation between Bioavailability and Health Potential


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