Kratom and Potentiaters!

Finding you are not getting all you used to from your Kratom?

You will build up a tolerance, as with anything, but there are steps you can take...

Real Talk from Real Kratom Lovers....

**I mix with orange juice or grapefruit juice. The acid extracts ALL the goods. Game changer. Fu#k water.

**I let it sit in just enough lime or lemon juice that it turns into a paste over a half hour. Then mix that with pineapple juice and it really has made it so much better. And seemingly potentiated.

**Question....You mix it in your coffee or brew it with coffee? That sounds so much more difficult than toss n wash!


You can do either but brewing it with the coffee really hides the flavor. The tea bar i work for makes kratom coffee and its my favorite, and pretty popular. The two bitter flavors cancel each other out and the plants are related so they work nicely together.

**I use panax ginseng to increase stimulant effect as effects of Kratom are wearing off. Rhodiola Rosea enhances effects with a "calm energy"

**I make my own Kombucha and take my kratom with that!

More tips....
Using Kratom for pain???
Naproxen- Active ingredient in Aleve, increases analgesic effects!
Also using Curcumin (Tumeric) w Black Pepper extends Kratom effects and lets you use less!

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