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Let's look at it this way.....What happens when you drink too much coffee or say pop? You get the jitters and then a burn out (in most cases). What happens when you take your vitamins on an empty stomach? Well, most get a gut wrenching tummy ache and possibly throw up. Why is it then that people make such a big deal about a person who overdid it with kratom? They were foolish and took too much or had something else in their system so things get messed up…. Why is this a surprise? Why is kratom the exception to the rule?

RESPECTING YOUR KRATOM is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE so please read on....!

Like everything else, kratom can have its limits. Take too much & it usually results in an upset stomach, maybe some vomiting, maybe a heavy duty headache, maybe the colly poops! Every one is different; so we could react different to indulging in too much kratom, whether by mistake, ignorance or stupidity! Lets say you just popped a multivitamin an hour before dosing with too much kratom, chances are you’re gonna throw up and have a bad headache. You overdid it. Big time. But sure, lets blame the vendor and their kratom you just tried. That’s got to be it....(yes, that's sarcasm).

I recommend you follow this advice to ensure the respect of this wonderful Plant kratom and to get the most out of every dose:

A. New to Kratom?? Do not begin with high expectations.

Just like vitamin C is not guaranteed to prevent colds, kratom is not guaranteed to prevent pain or help your mood. Go in with the sensible presumptions and knowing your own body, what it can handle and what it can't....many people are very sensitive while others have the internal constituion of a BULL!!( like myself) I must stress this vehemently to you. MOST people are not very "self aware" and do not know their body, so they blame things instead of taking a look at their diet and lifestyle, etc.

First sensible thing to do is to "Start Small" & work your way up to find your own sweet spot in your dose.....half a gram try..... and wait 30 minutes before increasing it. Next time you dose, say the next day, start with a higher dose, continue this way until you find your perfect starting dose that works for you. Not everyone is the same. Some have higher tolerances than others and that does NOT mean their body is getting used to kratom and that they need to pull back. That is not true in some cases. It simple means their body can handle more of something than the average body can.

NEXT....VERY importanta'.........Don’t keep with the exact same strain or blend all the time.Find a good five blends/strains that work for you and switch off daily, so as to avoid a tolerance level increase on said strain/blend. That can happen with anything.

Take a break every couple of months or so for a few days.
It’s good with anything to take a break every once in a while. Your body becomes used to it and the strength goes down a bit.

B.Know your body and take care of what you put in it on a day to day basis.

You need to know your body. It’s so important. For example, kratom will not work if you are taking narcotics (in most cases). Just like mushrooms will not work if you’re taking anti depressants (in some cases). Sometimes if you take something with a full stomach, the effects are less or non existent. So remember what you are doing or what you are eating prior to taking kratom before you judge the kratom for being at fault instead of your own lifestyle choices.

Don’t mix alcohol with it. Nuff Said!!
VERY IMPORTANT...PLEASE....Speak of it like it’s one of your many herbs/supplements you are benefiting from. #Normalizeit.
It is important to speak of kratom as a supplement you just found and bought from the drug store. Kratom is NOT A DRUG. It should not be treated or talked about as one or you will be furthermore keeping the DEA on that hype that we use it as such. This is a supplement that benefits us like Same and Ginseng, etc. benefits us. All are holistic supplements.

C. Always Store in proper containers/bags. Put in Fridge or freezer or cool, dark place,.... It helps keep it fresh and working!

Don't keep it in a baggie, just looks bad, ya know!!

Kratom is a selfish little bugger!
It doesn’t like you to mix things with it. If you do, it might give you LESS of the benefits it could offer you and that is simply because of the receptors being used during a dose.
Alberta Kratom Knowledge

And finally... ALWAYS speak well of this plant and let's keep it available and ready to help the masses!

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