Fat-soluble vs water-soluble; Huh?

Why some supplements will NOT work if not taken with a healthy oil.

One of the questions I get asked more than most is if a nootropic supplement is fat- or water-soluble.

An important question because how you take a supplement can make the difference between it working or not supplying any benefit.

The clearest demonstration of how this works was a study conducted at Iowa State University.

The study included 12 college-age women who consumed salads with various levels of an oil-based salad dressing. The women had their blood tested to measure the absorption of nutrients.

The results showed maximum nutrient absorption occurred at around 32 grams of oil which is a little over 2 tablespoons.

This means that if you take a fat-soluble supplement without oil, or a meal with healthy oil content, you will not get the benefit of that nootropic.

I see this often when someone tries a nootropic for the first time and then complain that “this nootropic doesn’t work”. The thing is it will not work if it’s not taken with a healthy fat.

And the reason why I recommend a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil each time you take your nootropic stack.

The oil ensures you get the benefit of fat-soluble nootropics in your stack. And doesn’t interfere with the absorption of the water-soluble supplements you take at the same time.

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