DIY: Immune Boosting Oil

The boosting of the immune system is a hot topic, lately.... Luckily there’s a great source of herbs and essential oils that can also help us to the path of wellness. Create your own blend to start boosting your immune system now! All the Essential Oils in this blend have anti-bacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and disinfectant properties to help to fight off sickness. You could also take this blend and add it to a spray bottle for a cleaning supply or add to your diffuser.

For centuries people have used a similar blend called "Thieves" oil. During the 15th Century the bubonic plague was in full effect, four thieves were robbing dead bodies but not being affected that is where the blend received its proper name “Thieves oil”.

Step 1: Pick up supplies 1 Roll on bottle 5ml 5ml of fractioned coconut oil (or oil of choice) Clove Bud Essential Oil Lemon Essential Oil Cinnamon Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Rosemary Essential Oil Frankincense Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Cedar Essential Oil

Step 2: Blending Add your Fractionated Coconut Oil to your 5ml roll on bottle. Add your essential oils to the Oil. I find that it is much similar to take out the dropper on the bottle and grab yourself some glass droppers.

Oils by the drop 1 Clove 2 Lemon 1 Cinnamon 1 Eucalyptus 2 Rosemary 2 Frankincense 1 Lavender 2 Cedar

....and there you have it-a Natural way to BOOST you and your families IMMUNE system!

Also... you can purchase a ready made version I have called BANDITS here..


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