Cold B Gone!!-Basil Elderberry Tincture RECIPE

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Elderberries and Basil can be one incredible healing powerhouse when used together to create a tincture. When used externally elder can help heal wounds and when taken internally it can help fight cold's, flu's, and respiratory illnesses. It’s been studied-not only for its immune building properties but also for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer potential. Then there's BASIL......One of the primary medicinal uses for basil is for its anti-inflammatory properties. ...

Basil oil can be used to treat constipation, stomach cramps and indigestion as well as cold, flu, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and sinus infections. .Take advantage of this amazing natural remedy by making a very simple and incredibly useful elderberry/basil tincture.

How to Make This Tincture with Alcohol-EverClear <(recommended, you can use veg glycerin also))

Fill a jar 1/2 full with fresh, washed elderberries (or 1/4 full with dried elderberries)....same with the basil...Pour the liquor over the berries filling the jar to within 1″ of the top. Put a lid on the jar and place in a dark cabinet for 4 to 6 weeks.

Give it a shake every now and then....say pretty things to it..:) When done infusing, strain the berries from the vodka and pour the tincture into a clean dark colored jar or tincture dropper bottle, with a tight lid. Store out of direct sunlight, in cool area-Use as needed.

The double duty by using this combo Tincture..truly is a POWERHOUSE Remedy!!




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