Canada Post delays and more, please read...

As of March 15th, 2020, Canada Post has made an announcement that they are no longer able to guarantee delivery standards as they are currently operating with reduced staff.

FROM Canada Post--To help minimize points of close contact in our communities, we will no longer be requesting signatures for any deliveries to the door. This will eliminate the need for scanners and stylus pens to be passed back and forth during the delivery process of these items.

... So, please keep an eye on your tracking numbers from to ensure someone will be home to accept your parcel.

Pick up still Available-Message for more Info-

RE: C0vid-19. We've had many questions, so let us repeat the following:

  • We are continuing with shipping orders daily (AS LONG AS OUR SHIPMENTS COME IN REGULARLY & Canada Post has no issues )

  • As for the moment..our prices are the same, but I can see our prices for importing, etc, to rise, so I will need to pass onto my customers (unfortunately) ...

  • I will TRY my best to soak up most rising costs and ONLY up prices as low as I possibly can!

  • has no intention of closing. (Following ALL Suggested guidelines to the MAX :))

  • Regular business hours (if this changes you will be notified)

  • Due to a large volume of orders/messaging, there could be a possible 1-2 day backlog

  • Lastly...CHILL OUT, NOT AS BAD AS THE POWERS THAT BE WOULD HAVE YOU THINK.-We appreciate your business and understanding. Be SMART-Stay Safe

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