Prevention & Treatment of Covid-19?
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Alternative medicine has always provided effective methods to combat infectious problems. Certain medicinal plants make it possible to reduce the intensity and prevent the evolution of viruses. Are these products effective for the prevention of Covid-19?

Since the virus is new, it is perhaps a little early to say definitively that traditional medicine really has the solution to the disease. However, some remedies do stimulate the functioning of the immune system and increase its responsiveness to the virus.

Among these herbs that can increase the immune defense are> Wormwood (artemisia unna,absinthium), Motherwort, Mugwort & Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea). Its anti-infectious properties have been scientifically confirmed. It is also frequently used to treat the onset of respiratory infections. these plants are often used with ginseng, a plant known for its fortifying, revitalizing and energizing properties. Ginseng roots help stimulate the immune system and fight against bacterial and viral infections as well as autoimmune diseases.

Eucalyptus essential oil, rich in eucalyptol, can be used to treat certain respiratory problems. Used in friction, inhalation, diffusion in the atmosphere or fumigation, it helps to sanitize friction and fluidify pulmonary mucus. there is Turmeric-ginger-garlic tea to BOOST your immunity. The essential oil of ravensara​, this tree implanted in Madagascar during the 19th century also has powerful antiviral and anti-infectious properties, along with camphor and menthol oils.. to help to alleviate the symptoms of influenza and rhinopharyngeal affections.


Here on this page you find all to help you & your family fight COVID & maybe even PREVENT virus' like it!

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