Tea Is Medicine

The Art of Medicinal Teas...

The  origin of tea appears to have had a long history spreading across 1000's of years and across many Asian cultures. Tea originated as a medicinal beverage, thus later become very popular in Great Britain during the 17th century. Herbal teas are made from the infusion of herbs and plant material (leaves, seeds or roots and flowers) brewed in hot water.

Laozi, a classical writer and philosopher has said to describe tea as the “Froth of the liquid jade", and tea was a indispensable component of the Elixir of life. Offering eternal youth and cure from all disease. 


Tea has many health benefits as certain teas especially green tea has anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties and also great for indigestion, and can reduce the risk of cancer and keeps free radicals under control. Ginger Tea for example has brilliant anti-inflammatory properties and Ginseng Tea is believed to be great for blood sugar stabilization and to curb the appetite.

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